Women and Investing


Why Should You Invest?

The old days of putting your money in a savings account and watching it grow into a big chunk of change is over.

Yes, time and compounding can help your portfolio, but when you are starting with an interest rate between zero and 1 percent, you can’t expect much. And if the interest rate paid to you is less than the rate of inflation, you are indeed carrying the 300-pound weight up the hill. You will never get to the pinnacle of wealth because you will be losing money over time due to inflation.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen growth in stocks. So why aren’t more women invested in the stock market?

“I’m afraid of losing any money,” is the most common answer I receive when I ask a woman why she keeps all her money in a checking or savings account. Often she will add, “I’m conservative when it comes to money.”

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